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SUNDAY NIGHTS AT 7PM Pooner Clark has listened to, written about and played music for 30 years. He knows what the inside of a – previously –¬†smoky bar looks like! Join him every week for an hour of local music and chat with northwest musicians. To find out more about Pooner¬†Click Here If you are in a local band or are a solo perfomer and would like to join the show contact Pooner at pooner_clark@comcast.net


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Wednesday, April 27, 201604/27/2016

This Week: Pooner’s Picks

This week Pooner takes an hour and picks out some of the best of the Northwest. Tune in for a chance to hear the wide variety of talent that exists in the fourth corner. It’s a smorgasbord of Northwest music on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

Monday, April 25, 201604/25/2016

Here are some bands who’ve made recent appearances on Locals Only

Click on the band’s name and scroll down for the podcast of their interview
If you would like to appear on the program, or you know a group that could use a little exposure, contact me at pooner_clark@comcast.ne\


Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

April 24th – Brickhouse

Brickhouse is an exceptional band of veteran Vancouver musicians. The band has a blues funk feel that is arresting and original. Recorded at Turtle Recording in White Rock, their new CD is entitled “Future” and we’ll hear some cuts and meet the band on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Monday, April 11, 201604/11/2016

April 17th – Polecat

Polecat combines the musical influences of a diverse group of musicians and developed a unique sound that makes them one of the Northwest’s busiest bands. They’ve got a new CD entitled “Into The Wind”. We’ll listen to some cuts and find out what’s what with this popular Northwest group on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Friday, April 8, 201604/08/2016

April 10th – Slant 6

Craig Martin is a bit insane, a nice guy, just crazy. He channels that insanity into some rockin’ tributes to the automobile.. Slant 6 was featured on the show several months ago, but Craig’s back with some newly minted numbers. You’ll meet the guy and we’ll check out his music on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Monday, March 28, 201603/28/2016

April 3rd – Bayview Sound

It’s American roots music with this 4 piece acoustic group based on Whidbey Island. Tight four part harmonies and a down home musical style mark this group of good time musicians. We’ll meet the band and listen to a few live recordings of their music. It’s a mellow evening of music on this week’s Locals Only.


Friday, March 18, 201603/18/2016

March 27th – The Naughty Blokes

The Naughty Blokes, winners of our Road to Rockstar competition a couple of years ago, return to the program with a new CD and a new confidence. The new recordings reflect a continuation of the bands successful melding of rock and roll with a more traditional blues stylings. A new step in a band whose members seem satisfied with their progression. Meet the guys and hear cuts from the new CD on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Wednesday, March 9, 201603/09/2016

March 13th – Robert T. McDonald III

My guest this week cancelled a couple of weeks ago because his wife had gone into labor. I guess that’s a pretty good reason. So this week, Robert is back for the show. An avid student of the guitar, McDonald has produced a CD that contains some soothing music that displays his acumen on the guitar. We’ll meet Robert and find out about the newest member of his family is doing on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Thursday, March 3, 201603/03/2016

March 6th – Lanford Black

Lanford Black is a Seattle band that mixes various genres into a rugged, rockin’ sound they call a rockin’, soul revival. The band recently released an new CD and we’ll meet the guys and listen to few cuts on this week’s Locals Only.


Thursday, February 11, 201602/11/2016

February 14th – The Dissonics

For a decade and a half, John Memelo has appeared at clubs and casinos throughout the Northwest as a member of the Popoffs. Most recently he’s teamed with drummer Phil Carter and bassist Sean Meyer to record original material under the name The Dissonics. We’ll meet with the band and listen to a few cuts from their recently released CD Evolver on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

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