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SUNDAY NIGHTS AT 7PM Pooner Clark has listened to, written about and played music for 30 years. He knows what the inside of a – previously –¬†smoky bar looks like! Join him every week for an hour of local music and chat with northwest musicians. To find out more about Pooner¬†Click Here If you are in a local band or are a solo perfomer and would like to join the show contact Pooner at pooner_clark@comcast.net


Wednesday, September 30, 201509/30/2015

This Week: Pooner’s Pics

Decided to take this week and play an hour of my favorite Northwest bands. A tremendous amount of talent is located in the Northwest and I’ll try to focus this week on the bands that are active in the area. It’s a wide variety of Northwest music on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

Monday, September 28, 201509/28/2015

Here are some bands who’ve made recent appearances on Locals Only

Click on the band’s name and scroll down for the podcast of their interview
If you would like to appear on the program, or you know a group that could use a little exposure, contact me at pooner_clark@comcast.ne\

katie gray

Friday, September 25, 201509/25/2015

September 27th – The Katie Gray Band

The Katie Gray has always been unapologetically true to herself. She is ambitious, unique, and multitalented musician. Her love for music has always been a part of her and fuels her creative fire. Whether it was singing in choirs throughout school, frequenting open mics, or playing shows, her dedication to music has always shown bright. Katie began creating music at a young age, releasing her first demo-Just A Little Strange-in her senior year of high school. We’ll meet Katie and listen to some cuts from her most recent release on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Wednesday, September 16, 201509/16/2015

September 20th – Marcia Guderian

Marcia Guderian has been a presence on the local music scene for as long as I can remember… and that’s a long time. Organizing open mics, playing solo gigs and working with other musicians, Marcia continues to write and perform. Now she has finished her most ambitious recording and we’ll check it out on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

Trip Madam

Wednesday, September 9, 201509/09/2015

September 13th – Trip Madam

Trip Madam was the winner of our most recent Road To Rockstar competition. The band impressed the competitions audience with their uncompromising post-grunge sound. We’ll meet J Fox and the group and listen to a few cuts from the band’s CD on this week’s edition of Locals Only.


Wednesday, September 2, 201509/02/2015

September 6th – Cabin Fever Northwest

Cabin Fever NW is a folk band from Bellingham, WA, with wide crossover appeal for fans of bluegrass, singer-songwriter, Americana, country, and gospel. Blending elements from many traditions, the singer-songwriters Dianne Bochsler and Tara Caldwell are known for gorgeous vocal harmonies, compelling lyrics, and tasteful instrumentation. We’ll meet the ladies and listen to a few cuts off their new CD on this week’s Locals Only.

Serotonin Poster

Wednesday, August 26, 201508/26/2015

August 31st – Serotonin

Serotonin formed in the mid-90s and has been a presence in the local music scene since that time with a few twists and turns in personnel. The band is getting back together and planning a benefit show at the Wild Buffalo. We’ll catch up with the band and give you some more info on the benefit on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

iron kingdom

Friday, August 21, 201508/21/2015

August 23rd – Iron Kingdom

Iron Kingdom visited Locals Only several months ago. In the meantime they’ve released a new CD entitled Ride For Glory. We’ll find out what the band’s been up to and listen to cuts from the new CD. It’s heavy Canadian metal on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

memphis rain

Tuesday, August 11, 201508/11/2015

August 16th – Memphis Rain

Mike Mulder appeared on the program several years ago. In the meantime he’s put out another solo album and put together a band. Memphis Rain has recently completed a new CD and will be playing a benefit for the Bellingham Habitat for Humanity chapter. The benefit is free to the public and we’ll be held in the parking lot of the Bellingham Habitat for Humanity store at Ohio and Cornwall Streets. The Scott Greene Band, Nashville Northwest and The Replacyzmentz are also on the bill. There will be a beer garden, food trucks and activities for the small fry.

G & D

Monday, August 3, 201508/03/2015

August 9th – Grace & DeGroot

Stephen Grace and his son-in-law, Derek DeGroot, have developed a unique relationship that includes recording some pretty sophisticated rock and roll. It’s been a couple of years since they last appeared on Locals Only. In the meantime, they”ve put together a new CD entitled Musical Chairs. We’ll listen to cuts from the new CD and catch up with Grace & DeGroot on this week’s edition of Locals Only.

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