Top 20 Bieber bad-boy moments

Top 20 Bieber bad-boy moments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIEBER: We can only imagine what the next 20 years will bring for Justin Bieber. Photo: Associated Press

The Beebs – Canada’s latest gift to us – will celebrate his 20th birthday on Saturday, March 1. He has had his share of headline-grabbing incidents lately, but he’s been making news since he hit the scene at 15. In honor of his birthday, enjoy our top 20 Bieber bad-boy moments. We call it…

Bieber’s 20 for 20

20. Bieber shows up late to his concert
The star has reportedly shown up late to a string of concerts – from the U.K. to Iowa – often held on the school nights of his young fans, irking concertgoers and outraging parents.

19. Bieber accused of fathering woman’s child
In November 2011 the ‘Baby” hitmaker was accused of making a baby himself. Because, who wouldn’t want to procreate with a guy who has a face like that? Although his name was later cleared, it was the beginning of a string of bad news.

18. Justin speeds through his neighborhood in a sports car
Long before he started egging his neighbors, Justin was irritating them by driving around L.A. like a maniac.

17. Bieber’s pal gets busted at his house with drugs
Justin Bieber
A rapper friend of the Beebs – named Lil Za – gets busted for drug possession after the police search his house in an alleged egging case (see No. 4). Bieber has not been charged with anything in the case, so far.

16. Bieber sticks fan’s iPhone down his pants
An admiring fan threw her iPhone on stage, presumably to get Bieber’s photo or phone number, but she ended up getting something very different. The pop star stuck the phone down his pants and walked around on stage with it there before tossing it back into the crowd in the opposite direction. Bye bye iPhone.

15. Bieber sends the Internet into an uproar with ‘retirement’ tweet
Justin tweeted a mysterious message to his 49-million Twitter followers on Christmas Day that hinted at his retirement. The message sent his fans into a tailspin. The pop star later corrected, saying he was talking about taking time off – not calling it quits.

14. Bieber’s bodyguard allegedly assaults a guy in an IHOP restroom
Sure it wasn’t Justin himself, but when a member of your entourage is accused of fighting in the restroom of an International House of Pancakes, it’s not a good look. Another bodyguard was arrested this month for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera.

13. Bieber gets support from crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford
Fellow Canadian Rob Ford says that people are being too hard on Justin Bieber. Hey – at least he’s not smoking crack, right?

12. Bieber sparks a petition to get him sent back to Canada
Following a series of negative headlines, a lot of Americans want to send the Beebs packing. So many, in fact, that the White House is involved.

11. Justin caught leaving a brothel
While on his Believe tour, the teen star was spotted leaving a Brazilian brothel.

10. Bieber buys a monkey – and then it gets confiscated
I mean, if you had the kind of money this kid does, wouldn’t you do the same thing? Word is the Beebs still owes thousands in bills related to the capuchin monkey’s care, after it was confiscated by German authorities.

9. The FAA investigates Bieber’s ‘pot plane’
The pop star’s plane was reportedly so smoky on the way to the Super Bowl that the pilots were worried they were going to catch a contact buzz. The private plane landed just in time for Bieber to be banned from several of the weekend’s parties.

8. Justin makes his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China
While in China for his Believe tour, the crooner was caught on camera skateboarding and taking in the historical sites – on the backs of his bodyguard. Photos on Twitter showed the then 19-year-old Bieber being carried up the Great Wall of China by his handlers.

7. Bieber stomps on the Argentina flag during a concert in Argentina
Bieber angered fans in Argentina when he stepped on the country’s flag. It was a bad week for Bieber: it was the same week that he got hit by a water bottle that had been thrown at him during a performance.

6. Beebs urinates into a restaurant’s mop bucket and curses former President Bill Clinton
The singer was recorded urinating into a restaurant’s mop bucket and cursing the former President of the United States. Bieber later apologized to Bill Clinton … but not the mop bucket.

5. Justin drops more than your annual salary at a strip club
In January, Bieber spent the night at a Miami strip club and allegedly left behind $75,000 – more cash than many Americans earn in an entire year.

4. Bieber eggs the neighbor – allegedly – causing $20K in damage
Justin is currently under investigation for allegedly egging his neighbor’s house, causing $20,000 in damage. Police have recommended that charges be filed in the case, but so far no charges have been filed.

3. The Beebs fancies himself an artist
The heart-throb left his mark on the QT Hotel in the Gold Coast, Australia. QT Hotel in the Gold Coast said it gave Bieber permission to spray graffiti on its wall. However, not everyone felt the same way and Bieber was placed under investigation by authorities in Australia.

2. Bieber is arrested in alleged drunken drag race
This caused an all-out media frenzy, as the star was arrested in the early morning hours of Jan. 23 for allegedly drag racing and driving under the influence. Bieber’s blood test would later reveal he had a mix of drugs and alcohol in his system. His dad was among the members of his entourage who were out partying with him before he was pulled over. Justin has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

1. Bieber is charged with assaulting a limousine driver
Bieber followed up his January arrest with more criminal charges, this time in his native Canada. He is accused of assaulting a limo driver late last year.

So, happy birthday Bieber. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

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