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Tuesday, May 14, 201305/14/2013

Chelsey Ebert weekend!

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Chelsey’s dad Jay and his buddy Scoot Locker dropped by to give all the deets on this weekend’s dinner, auction and golf tourney!!!


Tuesday, May 14, 201305/14/2013

Animals attack!

In Animals attack, Podcasts

In this episode people are at the mercy of raccoons and eagles!!!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

I Can’t Believe it’s News 5/13 late

In I Can't Believe It's News, Podcasts

An old man catches his place on fire when he puts wet toilet paper in the microwave…a cross country flight was diverted by a woman singing…and a man almost dies syphoning gas!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

I Can’t Believe it’s News 5/13 early

In I Can't Believe It's News, Podcasts

A bus driver makes 2 rowdy kids fight it out…3 generations of one family went on a naked walk…and a man destroys several buildings with a bulldozer!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

Hollywood Trash 5/13

In Podcasts, The Trash

Michael Jordan is on his honeymoon…Ozzy is gonna be on CSI…and Ted Nugent wants the X-games to be in Detroit!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

Doctor doctor!

In Doctor doctor, Podcasts

B&J highlight bizarre stories from the medical world….today it’s mustache transplants!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

Port Angeles rampage

In Podcasts

On friday a man in Port Angeles used a bulldozer to destroy several buildings in a fit of rage…..Peninsula Daily News reporter Jeremy Schwartz describes the scene!


Friday, May 10, 201305/10/2013

Fly away winner!!!

In Podcasts

Another winner for a free May fly away with NW skyferry! Lisa from Anacortes wants to toss out her man’s puffer fish for spring cleaning!


Friday, May 10, 201305/10/2013

Chuck Ramsey!

In Podcasts

The hero of the Cleveland kidnap saga talked to Nightline last night!!!


Friday, May 10, 201305/10/2013

The 9:30 Knucklehead of the Week

In 9:30 Knucklehead, Podcasts

The 32 yr old man who set his mom’s tv on fire because he didn’t like her choice of shows!!

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