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The Trash


Thursday’s Trash 2/18/16

Some family members of Grammy artists are not happy with how the show unfolded…and Jay Leno returned to the Tonight Show for some stand up!


Wednesday’s Trash 2/17/16

Rocker Lita Ford has a book coming out so…We read so you don’t have to about all the rock n roll sex she had…plus Sir Paul gets an explanation on why he got “noped” at a Grammy party!


Tuesday’s Trash 2/16/16

A re-cap of last night’s Grammy awards…McCartney gets noped at an after party…and something is wrong with Tom Cruise’s face!


Friday’s Trash 2/12/16

Hefner’s son says he will bring nudity back to Playboy…Harrison Ford broke his leg filming Star Wars…and a funny Jimi Hendrix story!


Thursday’s Trash 2/11/16

Hugh Hefner’s son is not happy about the direction of Playboy…Hagar addresses reuniting with Van Halen…and Woody Harrelson wants to open a pot shop!


Wednesday’s Trash 2/10/16

More about the FX series “The people vs OJ Simpson”…the Oscars acceptance speeches will now scroll on screen…and the Oscar gift bags!


Tuesday’s Trash 2/9/16

Some details on “The People vs OJ Simpson”…99 yr old Zsa ZSa Gabor is in the hospital…and Sofia Vergara’s wedding featured so much drinking there was an IV station to help people recover!


Monday’s Trash 2/8/16

The best commercials from Super Bowl 50…late night jokes about the big game…and Larry David hosted SNL!


Friday’s Trash 2/5/16

Maurice White from Earth, Wind and Fire is dead…Ozzy will be on stage with Sabbath Saturday night in Tacoma…and Josh Brolin slapped George Clooney in the face!


Thursday’s Trash 2/4/16

Phil Collen of Def Leppard slams GnR…A politician says he’s working towards a Pink Floyd reunion…and James Franco is hanging out at Pike Place market

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