Brad & John: The Trash

The Trash


Tuesday’s Trash 3/15/16

Brian Johnson says he was kicked out of AC/DC…Kiefer Sutherland has a band that is touring…and Gwyneth Paltrow says we should all drink $200 smoothies every day!


Monday’s Trash 3/14/16

Keith Emerson of ELP is dead…Don Henley says The Eagles were prepared to play Hotel California in it’s entirety on tour this summer…and is Richard Simmons being controlled by a witch??!


Thursday’s Trash 3/10/16

Graham Nash blasts David Crosby…Dave Evans was AC/DC’s first singer and he wants back in the band…plus some late night jokes!


Wednesday’s Trash 3/9/16

The 5th beatle Sir George Martin is dead at 90…Steven Tyler’s new girl is 39 years his junior…and Hulk Hogan is not packing 10 inches!


Tuesday’s Trash 3/8/16

AC/DC cancelled their last 10 shows because Brian Johnson is going deaf…Erin Andrews was awarded 55 million in the stalker case…and the cast of DWTS was announced!


Tuesday’s Trash 3/1/16

Erin Andrews cries on the witness stand…Sylvester Stallone’s brother bashes Oscar winner then apologizes…and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top insured his beard!


Monday’s Trash 2/29/16

A recap of the Oscars last night!


Thursday’s Trash 2/25/16

The Erin Andrews stalker trial began…Gladys Knight’s chicken and waffles joint got shut down…and some late night Conan!


Wednesday’s Trash 2/24/16

Bruce Springsteen thought he was in the wrong city…OJ says Cuba Gooding Jr’s head is too small…and Kaley Cuoco talks tats!


Tuesday’s Trash 2/23/16

Ronnie Wood is worried about Zika and his pregnant wife in Central America…Patrick Warburton talks about working on Seinfeld…and Larry King portrays himself!

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