Brad & John: The Trash

The Trash


Tuesday’s Trash 3/29/16

Elton John’s assistant says he was sexually harrassed…Melissa Etheridge says Brad Pitt almost fathered her kids…and Axl Rose singing for AC/DC??


Monday’s Trash 3/28/16

The Stones played Cuba…Hugh Jackman is a hero…and a woman claims Bill Clinton did cocaine at her house!


Thursday’s Trash 3/24/16

Ellen Barkin was rushed to the hospital…David Letterman looks nothing like the last time we saw him…and Axl Rose to sing for AC\DC??!


Wednesday’s Trash 3/23/16

Hilary Swank is engaged… Clint Eastwood plans to retire in the PNW…Sarah Palin is going to host a reality show…and Hulk Hogan talks about his sex tape case!


Tuesday’s Trash 3/22/16

David Crosby explains why he is so mad at Graham Nash…Jack Black says Cranston, not Leo should have gotten the Oscar…and Olivia Newton-John’s husband did not fake his own death!


Monday’s Trash 3/21/16

Hulk Hogan is getting paid bigtime after his sex tape case against Gawker…John McEnroe’s kid is on the outs and needs money…and Steven Tyler has moved in with his 28 yr old GF


Friday’s Trash 3/18/16

Steve Miller’s old Medina home is up for sale…Greg Lake was not surprised by Keith Emerson’s death…and Willie Nelson says the elections are a total circus!


Thursday’s Trash 3/17/16

Frank Sinatra Jr is dead…Robert Blake says he wears “rubber underwear”…and Tennille says the Captain was bothered by his huge eyes!


Wednesday’s Trash 3/16/16

Charlie Sheen says he doesn’t have the money to continue paying the ex’s…and Jim Breuer started back peddling on his Brian Johnson story!


Tuesday’s Trash 3/15/16

Brian Johnson says he was kicked out of AC/DC…Kiefer Sutherland has a band that is touring…and Gwyneth Paltrow says we should all drink $200 smoothies every day!

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