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The Trash


The Trash 9/8/15

Damon Wayans made some controversial comments about the Cosby accusers…Aretha Franklin is ready to take some people to court…and a couple Hollywood passings!


The Trash 9/2/15

Judge Joe Brown is out of jail now…Lindsay Lohan was running around naked after a friend’s wedding…and WWE superstar Jimmy “superfly” Snuka has been charged with murder in a cold case.


The Trash 9/1/15

The investments that made Bono a billionaire…Hulk Hogan apologizes…and more trouble at the Village People party!


The Trash 8/31/15

Wes Craven is dead at 76…and David Lee Roth stops a Van Halen concert to ridicule a fan who threw a beer at him on stage!


The Trash 8/26/15

Howie Mandel ended up apologizing for a joke on America’s got talent….and Linda Gray wants to pose for Hustler at 75 yrs old!


The Trash 8/25/15

Jon Stewart is into the wrestling bigtime…and Mel Gibson freaks out on a reporter!


The Trash 8/18/15

Tracy Morgan is set to host one of the new SNL shows…Heidi Klum is beefing with Trump…and a former Playboy playmate says Trump was the best sex she ever had!


The Trash 8/17/15

Sharon Stone posed naked at 57 yrs old…Trump shows up for jury duty…and Rolling Stone presents their list of the greatest song writers!


The Trash 8/14/15

Jay Leno slams Jimmy Kimmel and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr recall their huge Shea stadium show on it’s 50th anniversary


The Trash 8/13/15

Billy Joel is a dad again at 66…Chris Farley’s brother addresses the new documentary about the comedian…and William Shattner is hosting a Star Trek cruise!

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