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The Trash


Thursday’s Trash 4/28/16

The feds are investigating Prince’s prescription drug use…the National Enquirer says Prince had AIDS…and a woman claims she had 3 ways with Judge Clarence Thomas and other judges!


Wednesday’s Trash 4/27/16

AC/DC fans can get a refund if they don’t want to see Axl sing…Waylon Jennings son is putting out a book about his dad…and the 911 call from Kid Rock.


Tuesday’s Trash 4/26/16

More about Prince after his death…was he hooked on drugs…did he go without sleep for a week…did he have a will? All questions answered!


Monday’s Trash 4/25/16

More on the death of Prince…a guy claiming to be his drug dealer says Prince was hooked on dilaudid and Springsteen opened his show in NY with Purple Rain!


Friday’s Trash 4/22/16

Everything we know about the death of Prince as of Friday morning at 7:45


Thursday’s Trash 4/21/16

WWE’s Chyna is dead…Kelly Ripa is holding out after Strahan bolted…and Jimmy Fallon joined Paul McCartney on stage in Vancouver last night!


Wednesday’s Trash 4/20/16

Michael Strahan is leaving for Kelly for GMA…ESPN did a special on Elvis Presley’s racquetball court…and some Tommy Chong for 4/20


Tuesday’s Trash 4/19/16

Former AC/DC singer Brian Johnson makes a statement about him leaving the band…there is a new bio on McCartney coming…and Doris Roberts is dead at 90


Monday’s Trash 4/18/16

Axl Rose is going to be the new lead singer of AC/DC…plus, details on the greatest classic rock concert of the century!


Thursday’s Trash 4/14/16

John Cusack has put a restraining order on a woman who claims she put a spell on his junk…and Hef’s brother is dead.

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