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Tuesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 6/2/15

The high school teacher who showed her classroom the “before and after” pictures of her breast job!


Vote for Port Angeles!!

Port Angeles is in the finals this week against Chattanooga TN for Outside magazine’s “Best town ever” award!


Animals attack 6/1/15

Today from the animal kingdom we read about attacks from spiders and a komodo dragon!


Female Viagra!?

This week the FDA is poised to introduce a female version of Viagra!


I Can’t Believe its News 6/1/15 early

The “Price is Right” had an awkward moment…a judge offers a woman 30 days in jail or pepper spray in the face…and an 82 yr old uses an ice pick to flatten a woman’s tires!


I Can’t Believe its News 6/1/15 late

A 17 yr old impersonates an FBI agent…a woman sends her neighbor a load of cow dung in the mail…and Robert Downey Jr has his own furniture shipped to wherever he is filming!


The Trash 6/1/15

Tracy Morgan speaks for the first time since the accident that almost took his life.


Monday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 6/1/15

82 yr old Fred got mad at 88 yr old Ethel over taking his bingo chair so he went out and flattened her tires with an ice pick!


BB King’s funeral

Listener Roger drove from BC to Vegas to hang out with BB King’s family at his memorial service…he tells BnJ all about it!


Garage disasters…

Since we are giving away the 8 car garage…lets stay in the garage for garage disaster stories!

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The Brad and John blend coffee!

Scott from Hammerhead Coffee stopped by today to announce 2 new locations where you can purchase the Brad and John blend of coffee!


Struck by lightning stories!

We got a couple different stories today from listeners about being struck by lightning!

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