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Bring your phone to the piano!

We asked for listeners to play us some piano to win tix to see Bruce Hornsby in concert!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/16/15 early

A long time runaway cow returns…a farmer uses a blowup doll to keep deer out of his garden…and a company created a jewel that covers up your cat’s rectum!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/16/15 late

A mother and daughter heroin bust…a man turns his hose on a couple of 80 year olds walking by…and a woman says she was only counterfeiting money because Obama said it was ok!


The Trash 7/16/15

Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPYs…Johnny Depp’s wife might be in big trouble over their dogs…and Gwyneth Paltrow wants to teach people how to yawn properly??


Thursday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 7/16/15

The woman who thought counterfeiting was ok because Obama said it was…….


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/15/15 early

A guy steals a renaissance sword only to be tackled by 2 wenches…a guy accuses his wife of cheating on him with a sextoy…and a woman refuses to pay her bill because Jesus was gonna take the tab


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/15/15 late

A guy with 16 pounds of meth calls 911 on himself…a Maryland delegate gets busted for indecent exposure…and a guy steals a car and fixes it up before the owners get it back!


The Trash 7/15/15

A former Cosby show cast member and Whoopi throw Bill under the bus…Tom Petty apologizes for using the rebel flag…and The Doors guitarist jams with Jack Black and Boy George!


Wednesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 7/15/15

The guy who called 911 on himself while holding 16 pounds of meth worth over $700,000


The Mazama store that treated the plane crash survivor

Gareth was working at the Mazama store when the teen plane crash survivor walked in after a couple days of finding her way to civilization! He tells BnJ what he saw…..

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The Brad and John blend coffee!

Scott from Hammerhead Coffee stopped by today to announce 2 new locations where you can purchase the Brad and John blend of coffee!


Struck by lightning stories!

We got a couple different stories today from listeners about being struck by lightning!

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