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Tuesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 4/14/15

The baggage handler who fell asleep in a plane cargo hold and forced the flight to return to airport!


Doctor doctor 4/13/15

Bizarre stories from the medical world….today we meet a man who injected his junk with silicone and it now weighs over 9 and half pounds!!!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/13/15 early

A value has been placed on a bag of dog poop…a man robbed a Subway store and got busted by the bag he carried the $$ in…and a mom drops her toddler into the cheetah enclosure at the zoo!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/13/15 late

A food truck sells cheese sticks “battered, like your wife”…a man gets carjacked by some guys he has known for years…and a woman pounds beers as the paramedics try to save her leg!


The Trash 4/13/15

Dolly Parton explains how she has stayed married for almost 50 years…Ringo Starr was mad for 20 years over Beatles break up…and Dennis Rodman’s bday party!


Monday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 4/13/15

The mom who dropped her toddler son over the railing into the cheetah enclosure at the zoo!


The 9:30 Knucklehead of the Week 4/10/15

The man who accidentally got his wedding party whacked out when swapped the powdered alcohol he was using for the powerful drug ketamine!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/10/15 early

A dog stars a fire while trying to reach the treats…Burger King is paying for a couple’s wedding…and a KFC in OKC was showing porn on the in store monitors!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/10/15 late

A horrific weighlifting accident…a man tries to rob a mailman who also happens to a champion boxer…and a serial flasher with an all too appropriate name


The Trash 4/10/15

Jon Hamm involved in a brutal college hazing…Sandra Bullock’s 911 call…and Madonna does stand up on Tonight show!

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Weather scientist Cliff Mass

NPR radio star, scientist and all around weather brain Cliff Mass tells BnJ that last weekend’s storm was the worst summer storm in the history of the NW


I Can’t Believe it’s News 9/2/15 early

A 93 yr old gets his high school diploma…a teacher is late to school 111 times…and the world championships of gravy wrestling!

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