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The 9:30 Knucklehead of the Week 4/10/15

The man who accidentally got his wedding party whacked out when swapped the powdered alcohol he was using for the powerful drug ketamine!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/10/15 early

A dog stars a fire while trying to reach the treats…Burger King is paying for a couple’s wedding…and a KFC in OKC was showing porn on the in store monitors!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/10/15 late

A horrific weighlifting accident…a man tries to rob a mailman who also happens to a champion boxer…and a serial flasher with an all too appropriate name


The Trash 4/10/15

Jon Hamm involved in a brutal college hazing…Sandra Bullock’s 911 call…and Madonna does stand up on Tonight show!


Thursday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 4/9/15

The KFC in Oklahoma that was showing hard core porn on the in store monitors!


The world’s largest spermbank

The largest spermbank in the world is moving from NY to Florida….and now we know why!


Update: The missing wallaby has been sighted!

Gail joined us this morning to say the Belle the wallaby has been sighted after going missing for over a month!


I Can’t Believe its News 4/8/15 early

A wrong way driver stopped at gunpoint…some spring breakers have all their booze confiscated…and Whidbey Island 911


I Can’t Believe its News 4/8/15 late

A drunk broke into a courthouse to sleep it off…the TSA claimed 675,000 in unwanted coins last year…and a bigtime guinea pig heist!


The Trash 4/8/15

Sammy Hagar slams the new live VH cd…May Kay Letourneau is back in the news…and Marilyn Manson got punched in the face at a Denny’s!

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Golf for a great cause!!

Dave Nelson was a Sehome grad and served multiple tours of duty in Iraq before he was killed at his mailbox outside his home. His friends have put together a great golf tourney with funds going to help many others….give a listen and let’s tee it up Sept 12th at North Bellingham!


You break it, you buy it!

A 12 yr old kid accidentally put his hand thru a million dollar painting in Taiwan…an emailer tells BnJ about a very expensive tv his kid ruined!

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