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Friday’s Trash 2/5/16

Maurice White from Earth, Wind and Fire is dead…Ozzy will be on stage with Sabbath Saturday night in Tacoma…and Josh Brolin slapped George Clooney in the face!


Craig Gass at the Super Bowl

Comedian Craig Gass has been in Santa Clara for Super Bowl week and had many opportunities to interview players and crack jokes…he shares his experience with us in this clip!


Doctor doctor 2/4/16

Bizarre stories from the medical world…today we learn about a girl who had 1000 ants living in her ear!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 2/4/16 early

A Judge slams people who wear pajamas in court…a woman was the sole passenger on board a jumbo jet…and a car maker in India just debuted a new car with the same name as the global virus Zika.


I Can’t Believe it’s News 2/4/16 late

A guy steals a car seconds after turning in a job application…a fake priest sells fake tickets to meet The Pope…and a crook gets busted after he stopped to check his twitter account!


Thursday’s Trash 2/4/16

Phil Collen of Def Leppard slams GnR…A politician says he’s working towards a Pink Floyd reunion…and James Franco is hanging out at Pike Place market


Thursday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 2/4/16

The guy who turned in a job application then walked out and stole a car!


Astronaut Dr. Steven Robinson

Dr. Robinson flew on 4 space shuttle missions and he’s at Mt Baker theatre on Saturday night and he is a rock n roller!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 2/3/16 early

A guy complains that his life has been ruined by the 13 bowls of cereal he eats every single day…a woman tries to get a “420” tat removed from her forehead…and a man steals $800 worth of champagne!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 2/3/16 late

A shoplifter is easy to find after leaving her cellphone behind…a woman was driving with no headlights and 3 tires…and a bank robber gets caught after robbing 5 banks in one morning!

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