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The Trash 6/24/15

More form Holly Madison about her time at the Playboy mansion…Louis CK told Lorne Michaels of SNL to F-off…and Rod Stewart goes country!!


Wednesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 6/24/15

The Winnipeg police dept had to apologize for a couple officers accidentally broadcasting a conversation about oral sex to the public!


Animals attack 6/23/15

A donkey in King County attacked a Judge who was out walking her dogs!


We read so you don’t have to…Eddie Van Halen

Eddie did a full interview with Billboard magazine and disses on DLR, Michael Anthony, Gary Charone and his lack of knowledge of current popular music.


The Bellingham 3 on 3 hoop it up tourney!

There’s gonna be a Brad team and a John team in different classes and today we talked to the organizer of the 4th of July event!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 6/23/15 early

Cops discover a bunch of meth in a motorized surfboard…a crook gets away but leaves his bumper behind…and a woman spent 4 days in the hospital because of her skinny jeans!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 6/23/15 late

A guy gets busted eating potato chips…a woman’s fitbit exposes her lies…and a drunken school bus driver!


The Trash 6/23/15

Eddie Van Halen bags on DLR, Michael Anthony and Gary Charone…Bill Wyman says Mick and Keith disrespected Brian Jones…and Holly Madison talks about the Playboy Mansion!


Tuesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 6/23/15

The lady who spent 4 days in the hospital after wearing skinny jeans to help a friend move!


The archivist for the Greatful Dead!

David Lemieux of Victoria was in charge of putting together the 80 disc boxed set of Greatful Dead music and art…he tells BnJ all about it!

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