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It’s tough to be tall!

An 8 foot tall man was in the news because he can’t find a girl, a job and happiness……so we asked the tall guys listening to weigh in on the difficulties they face.


I Can’t Believe its News 6/2/15 early

A man gets hit in the face with a sledgehammer…a guy finds a bullet in his beer…and a high school teacher shows her class “before and after” boobjob pix!


I Can’t Believe its News 6/2/15 late

A guy gets pulled over for using his watch…roommates get in a fight over wet towels…and a drunk guy urinates on Dolph Lundgren’s feet


The Trash 6/2/15

Charlie Watts of the Stones turns 74 so we recall one of our fav stories from Mick’s book…and all the reaction to Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner’s magazine cover pix!


Tuesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 6/2/15

The high school teacher who showed her classroom the “before and after” pictures of her breast job!


Vote for Port Angeles!!

Port Angeles is in the finals this week against Chattanooga TN for Outside magazine’s “Best town ever” award!


Animals attack 6/1/15

Today from the animal kingdom we read about attacks from spiders and a komodo dragon!


Female Viagra!?

This week the FDA is poised to introduce a female version of Viagra!


I Can’t Believe its News 6/1/15 early

The “Price is Right” had an awkward moment…a judge offers a woman 30 days in jail or pepper spray in the face…and an 82 yr old uses an ice pick to flatten a woman’s tires!


I Can’t Believe its News 6/1/15 late

A 17 yr old impersonates an FBI agent…a woman sends her neighbor a load of cow dung in the mail…and Robert Downey Jr has his own furniture shipped to wherever he is filming!

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Golf for a great cause!!

Dave Nelson was a Sehome grad and served multiple tours of duty in Iraq before he was killed at his mailbox outside his home. His friends have put together a great golf tourney with funds going to help many others….give a listen and let’s tee it up Sept 12th at North Bellingham!


You break it, you buy it!

A 12 yr old kid accidentally put his hand thru a million dollar painting in Taiwan…an emailer tells BnJ about a very expensive tv his kid ruined!

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