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The Trash 3/18/15

Tommy Chong talks about smoking pot with the Beatles and more…there is a sex tape starring Randy Quaid…and late night jokes about the Holyfield/Romney fight!


Wednesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 3/18/15

The guy who broke into his friend’s house to take back the Christmas gift he had given them.


The executive director of Ski to Sea

Pete Coy is the executive director of Ski to Sea and he tells BnJ about the options they may have to resort to if Mt Baker has no snow come Memorial day weekend!


I Can’t Believe its News 3/17/15 early

A man lets a million dollar lotto ticket expire…some crooks get busted by the impression their license plate left in a snow bank…and a British Airways flight was diverted due to the stink in an on-board bathroom!


I Can’t Believe its News 3/17/15 late

A couple stories of women smuggling drugs in body cavaties…and a gopher hole gets a man $450,000


The Trash 3/17/15

Greg Brady is a deadbeat dad…we present a couple possible replacements for the aging Alex Trebek on Jeopardy…and Kevin hart talks about the Justin Bieber roast!


Tuesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 3/17/15

The guy who had a 1 million dollar lottery ticket and let it expire!


Dennis DeYoung Pt. 1

The former lead singer of STYX joined BnJ today and talked about staying sane thru the 70s, healthy in the 80s and why some bands just couldn’t do it!


Dennis DeYoung Pt. 2

The former vocalist of STYX continues….talking about classic rock in commercials and much more!


I Can’t Believe its News 3/16/15 early

Someone had a working methlab in a walmart bathroom…a guy rode his motorcycle thru a mall to escape the cops…and a woman refuses to marry a man because he can’t do simple math!

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Make us curious 5/26/15

A segment we like to do sometimes on Mondays where, in one sentence, you have to make us curious about your weekend


RIP Elle…Brad’s pet chicken

The Memorial Day weekend did not pass without a loss to the BnJ family…one of Brad’s pet chickens made a very poor choice on Sunday!

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