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The 9:30 Knucklehead of the week 8/7/15

The bounty hunters who surrounded the chief of police in Phoenix by mistake!

abbotsford airshow

Stunt pilot Kent Piestch

The Abbotsford air show is this week and Brad is doing a fly along with one of the best stunt pilots in the world!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 8/6/15 early

A wife and mom signs up for the one way trip to Mars…a man who was high on meth jumps into the monkey cage at the zoo…and a guy tries to carjack an unmarked police car with 2 cops inside!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 8/6/15 late

A woman tries to steal an airplane and says she wants to fly to China…and a bounty hunter accidentally arrests the chief of police in Phoenix!


The Trash 8/6/15

Ben Affleck was messing around with the Nanny…Meryl Streep sings classic rock…and Keith Richards calls Sgt. Pepper “rubbish”


Thursday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 8/6/15

The bounty hunter who mistakenly collared the chief of police in Phoenix!


Teenage plane crash survivor Autumn Veatch Pt. 1

3 weeks ago Bellingham’s Autumn Veatch survived a plane crash in the North Cascades that killed her grandparents. After 2 days in the wilderness she made it to safety. She shares the entire ordeal on the Brad and John show!


Autumn Veatch Pt. 2

In this segment plane crash survivor Autumn Veatch tells BnJ about the 2 nights she spent in the wilderness trying to reach safety!


Autumn Veatch Pt. 3

Plane crash survivor Autumn Veatch describes the moment she reached the road and was rescued by some passers by.


Food Court 8/5/15

Listeners converge in the “food court” to pass judgement on a new foody combo…today we rule on ice cream mixed with Doritos!

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