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The Trash 5/14/15

Harry Shearer is out of the Simpsons…Steven Tyler has a new “country” song out…and Julia Roberts says goodbye to Letterman after 26 appearances!


Thursday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 5/14/15

The dad who called 911 from a train after realizing he left his toddler son at the train station!


Stories about getting impaled…Pt 1

Pete Townshend impaled his hand on the whammy bar of his guitar while onstage in Tacoma several years ago…so we asked for “impaled” stories!


Stories about getting impaled…Pt 2

Its The Who week and in light of Pete Townshend impaling his hand on his whammy bar in Tacoma back in the day…we asked if you have ever been “impaled”


We read so you don’t have to…Keith Moon Pt. 3

After a tour Keith found out he was broke because he insisted on having his own plane for transportation!


I Can’t Believe its News 5/13/15 early

An all bad girls edition of ICBN


I Can’t Believe its News 5/13/15 late

A guy calls the cops to see if they found his cellphone at the scene of the crime…a woman causes thousands in damage trying to get a red bull…and a DNA test proves there were 2 fathers for a woman’s twins!


The Trash 5/13/15

Tiger’s cheating may have caused the breakup with Vonn…Seinfeld was not impressed with Kimmel’s tribute to Letterman…and the top grossing concert tickets on the secondary market this summer.


Wednesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 5/13/15

The guy who called the cops to see if they found his cellphone at the scene of the crime….they did…and they solved the crime too!


“Naked and Afraid” contestant Kacie Cleveland

Kacie stopped by our road show today to tell us about her latest road trip….to compete in Discovery channel’s “Naked and Afraid”

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An AirBnB nightmare story

Peter in BC called in to relate to an AirBnB story in “I Can’t Believe it’s News” with his own bad story from a trip to Amsterdam!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 6/30/15 early

A drunk guy exits stage left after playing with a mortar firework…a guy throws furniture at his neighbor over his bbq smells…and milkshakes infused with ground crickets!?

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