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The running of the bulls in New Orleans??

Tomorrow there will be a twist on the running of the bulls….in New Orleans the roller derby girls will have baseball bats as they chase runners through the streets! Derby gal “Killjoy” tells BnJ about it all!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/10/15 early

A bull help cops nab a crook…a dog had 62 hair bands and 8 pairs of panties removed from his stomach…and a woman had 12 people in her car when she got a DUI


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/10/15 late

A guy gets 2 90 MPH tickets in a matter of minutes…a high school principal checks out doing what he loved most…and on the 4th of July a naked man stole a police cruiser!


The Trash 7/10/15

Bill Murray showed up at Comic-con and sand some Deep Purple…and Jennifer Lawerence said as many swear words as she could in 30 seconds!


The 9:30 Knucklehead of the Week 7/10/15

The manager of the Walmart in Oklahoma who handed over 75,000 to a guy in an armored truck costume


Mountaineer Dave Mauro Pt 1

Our friend Dave shares stories about summiting the 7 highest peaks on the planet!


Mountaineer Dave Mauro Pt 2

Dave wants to help his sherpa friend in Nepal by rebuilding his earthquake ravaged home…get the details on how we can help!


Hunting with heros

Chad Larson was in studio today to rally some riders for this weekend’s poker run to raise money for a “Hunting with heros” event!


Animals attack 7/9/15

Today in the animal world the attackers are a crazy beaver and a wayward dolphin!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/9/15 early

A guy tries to charge his cellphone by climbing on stage at a Broadway play…and Whidbey Island 911

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Weather scientist Cliff Mass

NPR radio star, scientist and all around weather brain Cliff Mass tells BnJ that last weekend’s storm was the worst summer storm in the history of the NW


I Can’t Believe it’s News 9/2/15 early

A 93 yr old gets his high school diploma…a teacher is late to school 111 times…and the world championships of gravy wrestling!

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