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I Can’t Believe it’s News 4/15 early

A cop eats a pot laced cake by mistake…a very large woman makes good money by selling photos of her balancing things on her butt…and a guy hits his brother in the face with a harpoon!


Rotten parents at youth sports!

A story out of Canada inspires callers tell B&J about their experience with rotten parents at youth sporting events!


Thursday’s 9:30 Knucklehead

The man in China who needed surgery to remove a live 20 inch eel from his butt!


Hollywood Trash 4/11

The Rolling Stones are hinting at more tour dates…and Charlie Sheen talks about Lindsay Lohan on his show!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 4/11 late

A woman is fighting 105,000 dollars in parking tickets…a kid brings pot to school to keep his dad from smoking it…and a newlywed woman is allergic to her husband’s sperm?!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 4/11 early

A woman got mad at the judge so she spray painted the courthouse…a man put a live eel up his butt…and a guy stole 75,000 dollars worth of soup!!


Bad parents at sporting events!

A parks dept vote in Vancouver BC passed 3-2 to make unruly parents do push-ups or bring team snacks for the other team if they get out of line at youth sporting events!!


Washington’s pot czar

Mark Kleiman of UCLA is our state’s new “Pot Czar” and tells B&J what to expect!


Wednesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead

The dad who let his 2 year old wander the streets with a couple bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade


Hollywood Trash 4/10

Mick Fleetwood is getting a divorce…Tom Cruise never saw his coming…and Lindsay Lohan on Letterman!

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The Washington State ferries

Trouble with the Edmonds ferry got us to thinking about the Edmund Fitzgerald…..


A Blue Angel

Eric Rowley of Silverdale has been with the Blue Angels for 3 years and he’s back this weekend for Seafair!

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