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I Can’t Believe it’s News 4/18/16 late

A man climbs up 25 stories on a crane to drink beer and take a selfie…a guy calls 911 to order a meal at McDonalds…and a guy blows up his apartment trying to kill roaches!


Monday’s Trash 4/18/16

Axl Rose is going to be the new lead singer of AC/DC…plus, details on the greatest classic rock concert of the century!


Monday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 4/18/16

The guy who climbed up a 25 story construction crane to drink beer and get a selfie in the sunset!


The 9:30 Knucklehead of the Week 4/15/16

The court clerk who demonstrated how a grenade works while in the middle of the courtroom!


Kacie Cleveland was on Naked and Afraid

She survived for 21 days in Belize surrounded by bugs, flesh eating bot flies, angry monkeys and wild pigs….all while being naked and afraid!


Naked and Afraid’s Kacie Cleveland Pt. 2

Fitness instructor Kacie Cleveland was in studio today to tell us all about her appearance on the show Naked and Afraid!


Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

A local teacher Steve Finch has embarked on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail…a 2600 mile solo hike. We talked to him this morning from the trail in Cali about his plans and how he intends to incorporate his students!


Animals escape!

A special version of Animals Attack today where we focus on a couple amazing animal escapes from an octopus and some monkeys!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 4/14/16 early

A guy calls 911 9 times to deny he stole a 1 dollar beer…a guy turns himself in for stealing a tv back in the 80s…and some 9th grad girls hired a stripper for the swim team party!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 4/14/16 late

A flasher gets busted when he comes back the next day…a burglar tried to disguise himself with the spray of a fire extinguisher…a nun gets a DUI with the Ambien kicker!

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Lynden makes the most boring towns list.

Lynden is on the list of most boring towns in Washington!


Animals attack 5/25/16

On the attack from the animal world today…thousands of flies…and drunken roosters!

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