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I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/31 early

A TV reporter gets fired over her blog…a guy lights his closet on fire to rid it of demons…and a man escapes police and drives home handcuffed!


The Trash 7/30

Robin Williams is headed back to tv…one of John Lennon’s microphones is being auctioned…and late night Weiner jokes!


Tuesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead

The Seattle lady who got ripped off by a psychic for 600 bucks!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/30 late

A guy kills and eats a rare octopus…a customer at Waffle House shoots an armed robber…and a guy with a foot fetish gets humiliated!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/30 early

A pyschic rips off a Seattle woman…a guy high on mushrooms gets tasered 7 times…and a jogger gets mugged while on a smoke break!


Animals attack

Today cows and gators ATTACK!!!!!!


Monday’s 9:30 Knucklehead

The guy on I-5 who thought he’d race a cop!


The Trash 7/29

Queen is looking for someone to play Freddie Mercury in the movie…Amanda Bynes is still crazy…and Michael J Fox is going back to work!!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 7/29 early

A guy challenges a cop in a Challenger to race…some crooks use a guy with no legs as the getaway driver…and a brawl at Chuck E Cheese!


In the limo…Pt 2

More stories from the rock n roll road in 1973

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We read so you don’t have to…Billy Idol Pt.6

Our last reading from Billy Idol’s new book “Dancing with myself”…he addresses the time he got busted by the baby monitor and being in “The Doors” movie!


I Can’t Believe its News 10/23/14 early

A woman steals a $25,000 watch by hiding it in her lady parts…and a guy rolls his car after a high speed chase with the cops and takes bong hits while he waits!

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