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I Can’t Believe its News 5/13/15 late

A guy calls the cops to see if they found his cellphone at the scene of the crime…a woman causes thousands in damage trying to get a red bull…and a DNA test proves there were 2 fathers for a woman’s twins!


The Trash 5/13/15

Tiger’s cheating may have caused the breakup with Vonn…Seinfeld was not impressed with Kimmel’s tribute to Letterman…and the top grossing concert tickets on the secondary market this summer.


Wednesday’s 9:30 Knucklehead 5/13/15

The guy who called the cops to see if they found his cellphone at the scene of the crime….they did…and they solved the crime too!


“Naked and Afraid” contestant Kacie Cleveland

Kacie stopped by our road show today to tell us about her latest road trip….to compete in Discovery channel’s “Naked and Afraid”


We read so you don’t have to…Keith Moon 5/11/15 Pt 2

We’re giving away tickets to The Who this week and we dig up some of our favorite stories from the late, great Keith Moon. In this segment he invites Joe Walsh to join him outside the hotel room on the air conditioning unit….several floors above the street!


We read so don’t have to…Keith Moon 5/11/15

Seeing as we are giving away tickets to The Who this week…we go back and read from Keith Moon’s book. In this segment Keith gets taken to treatment by his neighbor Larry Hagman


The bear in the I-5 median

There is a bear that has been making his home in the I-5 median near Stanwood and Fish & Wildlife Capt Allan Myers tells us how they’re gonna catch him!


Seabiscuit celebration

This saturday at All Breed Equine Rescue in Marysville there will be a Seabiscuit Celebration as they board one of the great race horse’s offspring and Sharon tells us all about it!


We read so you don’t have to…Willie Nelson Pt.2

…from his new book “It’s a long story” we read about the time Willie and his buddy went pyro in his home town!


Animals attack 5/8/15

This week we learn about a sea lion attack and a man who had his nipple bitten off by a zebra!

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Animals attack 5/4/16

Today in the animal kingdom we get attacks from a kangaroo, a weasel and a poisonous spider!


I Can’t Believe it’s News 5/4/16 late

A guy sets a free diving record at over 400 ft…some neighbors get in a dispute over loud sex…and a dad gets a DUI with a .604 BAC

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