Brad & John: Animals attack

Animals attack


Animals attack 5/17/16

The attacks from the animal world today came from a turtle and and a bunch of bees!


Animals attack 5/4/16

Today in the animal kingdom we get attacks from a kangaroo, a weasel and a poisonous spider!


Animals escape!

A special version of Animals Attack today where we focus on a couple amazing animal escapes from an octopus and some monkeys!


Animals attack 4/7/16

Today in the animal world (Teaneck New Jersey) it’s wild turkeys on the attack!


Animals attack 3/1/16

Today in the animal kingdom the attacks came from raccoon and elephants!


Animals attack 2/22/16

It’s the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese calendar…and today it’s a couple stories of monkeys on the attack!


Animals attack 2/11/16

Today in the animal world the attacks come courtesy of a goat and a giant pig!


Animals attack 2/1/16

Today from the animal kingdom we learn about coyotes getting high on mushrooms!


Animals attack 1/26/16

Today the attacks from the animal world come courtesy of locusts and a falcon!


Animals attack 1/5/16

Animals attack 1/5/16

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